A Thank You Letter to People With Disabilities – IDPD-2014

It’s ironic that my current multiple roles are all focused on finding rewarding careers for people with disabilities. Ironic because that is exactly what they have given me.  On this day, I need to thank the community of people who have given me a career and who have taught me so much about inclusion, potential and relationships. They’ve also taught me a lot about segregation, marginalization, isolation – and the importance of person centered advocacy.

While I have been working at enriching people’s lives – they have been immeasurably enriching mine. We have climbed mountains, shot rapids, explored caves, found new friends, found homes, found real jobs, worked together, lived together, laughed together and cried together (because some things in life are worth our tears). We’ve hung out in Mexico, sampled the Okanagan Valley’s best Pinot Noir and sat quietly by countless campfires. We have shared a thousand meals and just as many stories and my life has been made better by all of this.

In recognition of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, I need to say thanks to all of you.

(A special thanks to Gord – it was a pleasure and a privilege. R.I.P.)

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