Workplaces and Employers 

Shaking Hands
  • Workplace Inclusion / Culture Assessment
  • Inclusion Training and Consultation
  • Culture of Inclusion Strategy Development
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion strategy implementation coaching
  • Disability Accommodation and Accessibility Consulting

RealEyes Capacity Consultants will build your organization’s confidence and capacity to create diverse, inclusive and engaged workplaces.

For Employment Inclusion Service Providers

  • Communications for Inclusion – Brand, Communications Strategies, Stoytelling and Social Media
  • Career Development and Employment Inclusion Training – CEIT
  • Leading Inclusion 2020
  • Leadership Development and Change Management
  • Business Continuity Plan Consultation & Development
  • Psychological Health & Safety Training

RealEyes Capacity Consultants will provide training and tools which meet your organizational needs and build your capacity to serve clientele and community. 

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