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MISSION: RealEyes Capacity supports organizations with employee engagement, performance and sustainable workforce development through inclusive workplaces that effectively leverage human capital and healthy workplace culture.

  • Extensive expertise developing and supporting workplace equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Employment inclusion project management and staff training 
  • Expertise in Healthy Workplace Culture initiatives and Diversity Inclusion Services
  • Indigenous Employment Equity Training and Strategy Development
  • Presentations and Public Speaking specific to Workplace Inclusion and Culture

RealEyes Capacity Consultants possess over 50 years of collective experience in strategic and ‘how-to’ approaches to inclusive workplace culture and employee engagement. We view equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) as foundational to psychologically healthy workplace communities – and sustainable workforce development. Whether your company is navigating EDI strategies and capacity building, or workplace culture improvement, RealEyes provides informed solutions and implementation support to generate positive, timely outcomes and confidence.

To learn more about our consultants, check out their bios: 

Sean McEwen              
Stephen Wright     

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